When trying to stand out in a crowded market… Something a little different is required!

Aerial Photography using drones is a cost effective way to achieve stunning results and stand out when selling a high value propety. 

There are many different so called “drone pilots” out there today, who after passing a couple of exams claim to be professionals. For most it’s a hobby in their spare time using amateur level drones that just aren’t designed for commercial operations. 

When operating as a professional it is important to make sure your equipment is in working order and regular inspections and maintenance are carried out to high standard.

As airspace is becoming busier, drones are operating in much more crowded airspace and the rules and regulations around drone use is tightening up. When looking for a drone operator it is crucial to check they hold a PfCO and are insured to a satisfactory standard. at OverFly Aviation we pride ourselves in crew training along with our crews history working in aviation for many years before. 


Why can’t I just do it myself? The Civil Aviation Authority dictates that if you are using a drone for a commercial operation you must hold a PfCO. Commercial operations are defined as a flight (or data capture) which is available to the public; or when not made available to the public,
in the case of a flight by a small unmanned aircraft, is performed under a contract between the SUA operator and a customer, where the latter has no control over the remote pilot.

Is it safe to have a drone over a house? In a nutshell yes they are.                                                              Drones are highly technical flying machines which, like manned aircraft require lots of maintenance and inspections to fly safely. Commercial level drones are perfectly safe when being flow by professional pilots. 

Can drones fly in bad weather? Not really, some drones are designed to fly in rain and extreme temperatures although they are mainly very specialised. When trying to get some brilliant aerial shots of a property, the weather makes all the difference to what the end result will look like. OverFly Aviation are used to keeping an eye on the weather and letting you know when would be a good day to fly. 

Can I ask for specific shots? Of Course! As the customer we are more than happy to take requests for photos from certain angles. We ask that you could send us these requests ahead of time so we can prepare our flight plans to accommodate these requests. 


From £199

Includes 5 Edited Photographs of a Property

(Price subject to airspace restrictions and property location)