Aerial footage for promotional videos can make all the difference

Are you looking for Aerial Video to help with a promotional video? 

When creating a promotional video, an aerial perspective creates some fantastic B-Roll that allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the scale of your business. Drones show more than any other wide angle lens on ground cameras. 

“We’ve worked with OverFly Aviation many times over the last year or so and found them good to work with.  They combine a solid professional knowledge of flight requirements with a proactive approach and a willingness to persist to get the best possible footage. I particularly like the ability to work with different drones depending on the job.”  Simon Hagan – Creative Director at Go Vocal Video
Promotional Portfolio
Volvo Dealership in Chiswick, London

Chiswick Volvo was a fantastic shoot in the capital city, London. OverFly Aviation provided the aerial video production company with stunning 4K aerial videography. This was quite a complex shoot in a built up location so Heathrow Air-Traffic Control were informed of our operation.  

Sacred Stones Barrow, Cambridge

Working in quite a tight location on a blustery day, the pilots had to be at the top of their game when filming at this amazing site. We provided 2 sizes of drone for this shoot which allowed for the amazing high altitude shots along with the low altitude shots below the tree line. 


Are you fully licensed? Yes, we are fully CAA approved and are fully insured. This allows us to operate commercially and also means we have been tested to mean certain drone flying standards. 

Are there locations you cannot fly in? Yes, there are a lot of restrictions when using drones. As drone operators we are used to working with airports and public services such as the police to make sure our operation complies with all the rules and regulations. 

Can the director see what you are shooting live? Yes, our drones feedback telemetry and a live video feed, this can also be broadcast to external monitors in real time from a Mini HDMI. The director can also take control of the camera and gimbal controls on a separate remote controller.

What about weather? Weather is a major factor in aviation, we are continually monitoring the weather and will keep you informed. Good lighting is also critical for video work so we are very aware of cloud cover and the sun position.