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Photo/Videography & Inspection Services

Drone Videography

As a professional Drone Operator, we specialise in flying drones. Our pilots are highly trained and experienced in Aerial Filming which means you to get the best shot imaginable.

Promotional Videography

Enjoy the benefits of using aerial filming without the responsibility and cost of owning a drone. 

Overfly Aviation takes care of all the pre flight planning and gaining all the relevant permissions to fly at the location of your choice. 

Estate Photography

When trying to stand out in a crowded market… Something a little different is required!

Aerial Photography using drones is a cost effective way to achieve stunning results and stand out when selling a high value property. To get the best results, its imperative to use a professional drone operator.


Gaining access to roofs can be not only difficult but expensive to. 

Drone are the ultimate tool for gaining real time imagery of hard to reach places. 

Inspection using drones is not only cheaper than using scaffolding but also safer, the drones are remotely controlled meaning you can stay a safe distance away while viewing a live feed on your own dedicated monitor along with gaining high quality photographs. 

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Your Team

Welcome to your OverFly Aviations team. 

We are here to help you every step of the way, whether it’s looking for the most effective aerial shots to discussing which file formats you would like for your project.

With over 50+ years combined in aviation we are happy to answer any questions you may have.