Here are a few of the different shots a drone can easily recreate for your project.  

Fly Over

The fly over shot is probably one of the most utilised shots that you will see in everything from music videos to Hollywood films. 

It works really well for showing your subject in its geographical location and can really set the scene very well. 

In this example the viewer is drawn to the building on the cliff and then moves their focus to the horizon. 


When a moving object is present, a tracking shot can be used to follow its progress.

They keep the audience engaged for longer and are often used in films and TV.

The tracking shot will only work if you have a subject worth tracking, such as moving vehicle or person. 

Top-Down Rotation

Used in many large budget films and TV shows such as EastEnders, the Top-Down Rotation is  a great way of of showing size and relative location of a subject while keeping the viewer engaged. 

With this shot its of paramount importance that the subjects below are of a varied and distinguishable colour. 

When executed perfectly, this can make a fantastic opening or closing shot.


The reveal is a fantastic shot that is most useful when setting the scene. 

Using an object in front of your subject, you can slowly either lift or dolly sideways, slowly revealing your subject.

Although very simple, the reveal can be very effective and looks great for revealing buildings and landscapes. 

In the example we used a lovely ‘standing stone’ to reveal the burrow. 


A rotational shot is certainly one of the most popular shots used and its simplicity is somewhat beautiful. Although it looks simple, it can be somewhat difficult to execute well especially if there is any wind present. If you are looking for a well presented rotational shot, then its worth using a professional drone operator.

Top-Down Tracking

When you need to isolate a subject, a top-down tracking shot is required. 

It will draw the viewer to the subject and keep their attention thereafter. 

Like the normal tracking shot you need a subject worth tracking such as a moving vehicle.